Our youngest students follow a modified version of the English National Curriculum, adjusted to incorporate and take account of our social, cultural and geographical context.

That said, although this covers the curriculum context, the underlying approach to delivering the learning is profoundly informed by the IBO’s principles and are focused on developing the 10 qualities outlined in the IB Learner Profile.

Wherever possible, connections are formed between areas of learning, with the sciences and humanities being delivered through a topic approach to facilitate this.
It is important to note that KISU employs specialist teachers in the following subjects in order to ensure that children are getting the best possible learning experiences in them:
Music, Art, IT, PE and French

In the case of the latter, learning French begins at Year 2. In each Year group there are two French classes as well as a separate (usually very small) group of francophone students who are taught using the French national curriculum framework.