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Growth Mindset and Happiness. 06-Mar-2018

If you ask parents what it is that they most desire for their children as they grow up, you will almost certainly find that the vast majority of answers are variations on a theme - “Happiness”.

Mentoring. 11-Feb-2018

 It was a great pleasure to exchange an email or two this week with the man who did more than any other to consolidate in me a sense of vocation to be a school leader.

Thankfullness . 30-Nov-2017

Following on from Thanksgiving Day yesterday and from our wonderful assembly this morning to celebrate our sporting achievements, this seemed an obvious choice for this week’s theme. So I learned something today……did you know anything about the origins of the word “thank”?

Reflection. 01-Nov-2017

They say that one of the most important attributes of a good leader is to be honestly self-critical and reflective. 

Team work. 06-Oct-2017

As those of you who are regular readers of these weekly musings will know, I am of the opinion that education still has a long way to go to come up with an assessment framework that properly reflects the demands of modern adult life and the needs of 21st Century employers.

Monitoring . 22-Sep-2017

A gnarled old senior manager once said to me, “If it ain’t being monitored, it ain’t happening”.

Bullying. 22-Sep-2017

Today I would like to explore the third of the three priorities that I have set us as a school community for the year ahead, namely bullying. Our policy states the following: Bullying is when someone keeps doing or saying things to have power over another person.

Servant Leadership. 08-Sep-2017

As I mentioned last week, I have outlined three main areas of focus for us as a school community and I want to  move on to explore the second of these this week…leadership.